A Warning on Complacency

Have you stopped pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?

Are you at a stage in life where you’ve achieved your career goals or accepted your personal situation because “it’s not that bad”?

If this sounds familiar, be careful, as you might be getting too complacent.

Being satisfied with your accomplishments or situation is not a bad thing, it only becomes an issue when we are overly secure, allowing our guard down, opening us up to be blindsided by change.

To prevent this, focus on refreshing your MBS (mind, body, and soul).

Mind: the world is changing and your current skills and competencies can become obsolete. Feed your mind with information to stay relevant.

Body: make time to strengthen your body. The discipline of a regular workout routine, even 15 mins a day, can do wonders for your life.

Soul: it’s important to detox your spirit. Set aside quiet time for yourself as this will help lay the foundation as you focus on your mind and body.

With change being the only constant in our lives, it’s important we use that to our advantage in seeking new opportunities to grow.

Try refreshing your MBS, it will help control complacent thoughts.

The Practical Leadership Guy

Claude Jones is a seasoned leader with a reputation for building and leading teams that outperform expectations and deliver exceptional results. He has a passion for bringing out the best in others and believes that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.