Find Your Totem Pole: The Bear, the Fox, and the Owl.

A young man went hiking and stumbled upon a totem pole that stood 10 feet tall. The structure had detailed carvings of three animals: a bear at the base, a fox in the middle, and an owl at the top. As he approached the totem pole, he noticed words etched next to each animal. They read:

Be like the BEAR, mighty and strong, standing against adversity. Allow your actions to be both feared and admired out of respect as your leadership will inspire others to do great things.

Be like the FOX, crafty and sharp, gifted with the skill to adapt to any situation. Have the confidence to overcome obstacles with analytical prowess while resisting temptation that might lead you astray.

Be like the OWL, intuitive and wise always looking ahead towards the future. Remember to learn from your past to help guide you in the present, allowing you to shape your destiny.

As the young man pondered on these words, he made a vow to be a leader that inspires, adapting to any situation, always seeking truth and knowledge paving the way towards a brighter future.

Take your personal growth journey to the next level and find your totem pole.

Image Credit: Sabrin_DeiraniĀ 
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