How often do you Stretch?

As part of my morning routine, I start my day with 15 mins of stretching. This practice has been beneficial to my overall health while helping me “stretch” myself in my professional career.

Check out the details:


Stretching increasing your range of motion giving your joints more freedom of movement.

Take an opportunity to learn something new by reading a book monthly or picking up a hobby. Flex your mind to increase its range of motion.


Stretching improves the circulation of blood flow to your muscles helping to activate them pre workout and reduces recovery time post workout.

Remember to practice what you learn on a regular basis to ensure the information flows and stays fresh in your mind.


Stretching gives you an opportunity to focus on mindfulness helping to calm your thoughts.

Remember to set aside “you time” daily, giving yourself a break to reset your mind.


Make stretching part of your daily routine. When you realize how to stretch yourself past your limits, the possibilities are endless.

The Practical Leadership Guy

Claude Jones, has a passion for creating opportunities to help others succeed. And for over a decade, his life’s mission has been focused on encouraging, inspiring, and motiving others through his words and actions.

A seasoned technical leader, with over 20 years of experience, Claude is a self-taught developer that has worked his way to the executive leadership level and has experience working for a Global Fortune 1 company to high-pace startup environments.

During his spare time Claude enjoys hiking, working out, playing poker, eating, and playing board games with friends.