Ignore Hearsay

It is important to ignore statements that can not be adequately substantiated.

By entertaining hearsay, you unwillingly form bias opinions causing distress and frustration to all impacted. Instead, choose to practice the art of validating the information yourself or ignoring and stopping the spread of false statements all together.

Be on the look out for people that enjoy gossip or have “strong opinions” about others…

…when a fire is hungry, it will consume all in its path.  Extinguish a fire at its source rather than provide fuel for it to grow.

The Practical Leadership Guy

Claude Jones, has a passion for creating opportunities to help others succeed. And for over a decade, his life’s mission has been focused on encouraging, inspiring, and motiving others through his words and actions.

A seasoned technical leader, with over 20 years of experience, Claude is a self-taught developer that has worked his way to the executive leadership level and has experience working for a Global Fortune 1 company to high-pace startup environments.

During his spare time Claude enjoys hiking, working out, playing poker, eating, and playing board games with friends.