Make Today Awesome

As I watched the sunrise this morning, I reflected on the key learnings for me this week:

1. Practice the art of listening: being the loudest, always right, or closed minded will get you no where fast. Instead be collaborative, have positive intent, and observant… practice this and you might see changes in your daily interactions with others.

2. Learn to let go: be aware when a path is closing or an opportunity you thought was “perfect” is not panning out as expected. The faster you realize you need to pivot, the sooner you can self-reflect, learn from the experience, and identify a new route.

3. Don’t make assumptions: rumors, bias opinions, and lack of clarity drives reactive behavior. Seek answers by asking “the right” questions to validate your thoughts. If conflict is found, be proactive and work through any misunderstanding. I promise this will solve 99% of your problems.

Make today awesome.

The Practical Leadership Guy

Claude Jones, has a passion for creating opportunities to help others succeed. And for over a decade, his life’s mission has been focused on encouraging, inspiring, and motiving others through his words and actions.

A seasoned technical leader, with over 20 years of experience, Claude is a self-taught developer that has worked his way to the executive leadership level and has experience working for a Global Fortune 1 company to high-pace startup environments.

During his spare time Claude enjoys hiking, working out, playing poker, eating, and playing board games with friends.