Unlocking San Diego’s Hidden Potential

I run an organization called San Diego Tech Hub. The organization is focused on driving social change, engaging the community, and creating opportunity for all.   Our goals are simple:

Our Mission: Inform, connect, and empower the San Diego tech community to drive social change.

Our Vision: Establish San Diego as a collaborative, diverse, and thriving tech community.

Our Values: Strive to break down siloed environments, eliminate biased opinions, and challenge the status quo to create equal opportunity for all.

During our monthly meeting in August, I had an opportunity to speak to our community members on how we have the power to unlock San Diego’s hidden potential.

San Diego Tech Hub Monthly Meeting (August) Keynote
The Practical Leadership Guy

Claude Jones, has a passion for creating opportunities to help others succeed. And for over a decade, his life’s mission has been focused on encouraging, inspiring, and motiving others through his words and actions.

A seasoned technical leader, with over 20 years of experience, Claude is a self-taught developer that has worked his way to the executive leadership level and has experience working for a Global Fortune 1 company to high-pace startup environments.

During his spare time Claude enjoys hiking, working out, playing poker, eating, and playing board games with friends.